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Hey, y'all! I'm Jaime. 

I work full-time outside the home in marketing, I own a digital consulting company, and I'm a full-time mom, too. I'm a wife, daughter, sister, and #MamaFriend.

I started this little project as a way to share my basic, relatively normal, non-celebrity but still fast-paced #momlife with other mamas in the same boat. You have picky eaters and rush home every night to figure out dinner? Me too! Let's figure it out together. You struggling with the balance of being "mama" versus being "me"? Me too! Let's talk about it. You want a seat at the corporate table, but also like to set a lovely dinner table? Me too! Let's share our best tips for both.

Most of us don't have an entourage to schedule our appointments, keep our homes tidy, chauffeur the kiddos to their activities, and get us red carpet ready every day.

What we do have is each other. We create our own villages, and help each other however we can. I love when women rally together, and sharing tips and tricks and what works for me seems like a good way for me to rally.  

I love connecting with other moms online and IRL. You can find me here, here, here, here, here, and here.

During my last gig, I started as a project assistant and over eight years worked my way up to managing some of the company's largest clients, our office staff and operations, and even a fun office renovation. I pioneered our agency's social media offerings for clients, and successfully executed programs for clients in the education, non-profit, DIY / crafting, fitness, and restaurant industries. (It was nice that those last two happened around the same time. Balance, right?)

I've managed marketing plans including branding, websites, printed materials, traditional and digital advertising, event planning and management, and social media, for clients of all industries and sizes. 

I've researched audiences, written social strategies, content strategies, and influencer strategies, and developed and executed those plans. I've created and nurtured online communities, developed content, crafted and executed contests, teased and then live-Tweeted events, and then measured and analyzed ROI. You could say I've helped clients engage in meaningful online conversations. 

I've worked (outside the home - and at times, from home) while raising a family. I know that it's hard to feed your babies a healthy dinner when you don't get home until 6pm and that it's hard to get rest for yourself when you're up late working or rocking a fussy baby back to sleep. I know what burn-out feels like.

I also know the freedom that comes from working hard, saying no, and taking risks. Even more, I know that there's no one perfect solution for any one, any family, or any organization, but I'm pretty good at finding what works for you, for now. 

Want to know more? Let's connect!